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Friday, February 3, 2023

Form Two - Mock Exams with Answers - 2021 | Download | All Regions | All Subjects - (Solved Exams)

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Qualities of a Good Classroom

Classrooms are that essential space in a student’s life where they spend the majority of their time. It is a learning, growing, and nurturing space that helps in the personality and character development of the child. For the best study practices and practical knowledge gaining experience, the classrooms need to be well-managed and structured. Here are a few ways in which classes can emanate a sufficient educational training experience for the kids:-



Discipline is a key element in a good and ideal classroom. In a good and ideal classroom, students have clear guidelines on which behaviors and activities are permissible in the classroom and which are not, which make students to be disciplined and helps to create an effective learning environment. Learners are also provided positive support and admiration for good work and suitable behavior to help inspire them and others in the classroom.

Learning is student-centered

In a good and ideal classroom, the all focus is on students. In a classroom where an educator does more than standing front of the class and talk, there is a much superior chance of losing students’ interest. Learning should be advanced with the students, their comforts, and capabilities in mind.


Clear and Fair Assessments

Assessments indicated the potential and capabilities of a student. Teachers and educators should set fair ground rules for evaluations and evaluate the students based on their performance, without any bias.

Today, new methods of assessments are also prevalent in the schooling sector. More proficient authentic assessments are replacing traditional assessments. Teachers can use different tools like daily charts, weekly updates, projects, and monthly event progress for analyzing a student’s performance and track their potential. Teachers should also indulge in regular feedback and make the necessary changes and enhancements in their evaluation strategies.

The directions regarding all the assignments should be provided to the students with clarity. Students should be able to decide what resources and what particular set of skills are needed for the assigned task.