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Thursday, October 27, 2022

Dodoma Solved Exams - Mock Form Four 2020 - All Subjects (Exams with Answers)

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Dodoma Mock Exams with Answers (Marking Schemes) - Form Four 2020

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Exams with no Answers

Studying for Final Exams

Make a study plan 

Making an effective and realistic study plan is a vital component of doing well in your finals. By planning out your study, you can ensure that you will have all the necessary materials covered by the time the exams roll around, thus minimizing stress and maximizing productivity. Here are some things you will need to consider:


Create a time chart of your current activities

Factor in classes, work, time spent with family and friends, etc. This will allow you to see how much free time you have available for study.


Develop a study schedule that works with your timetable

Use time between classes, commute time and any other free time to slot in some extra study. Keep in mind that an hour of study every day will be more productive than a 5-hour block once a week.


Determine your study goals

You shouldn't just write vague guidelines like "study biology" -- your study plan needs to be specific. Break down your study material into specific topics and tasks and fill these into your study schedule. Give 20-minute slots to small, bite-size chunks of information and commit to the idea that you will know that information inside out by the end of those 20 minutes.


Stick to your schedule

A study schedule is no good if you don't stick to it. That's why it needs to be realistic. Factor in breaks and potential distractions when planning, so there will be no excuses when the time comes. If it helps, think of the study schedule like a job. You have no option but to do it. Consider that studying for a certain subject might take longer than you thought, so put in some extra time into your schedule.