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Sunday, September 18, 2022

Kiswahili - Solved Exam - Mock Dodoma - Form Four 2020

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 Kiswahili Exam with Answers (Marking Scheme) - Mock Dodoma - Form Four 2020


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Tips to Pass Final Exams

Get Rid of Distracting Devices

In today's digitally-focused world, it can be incredibly tough to go more than a few minutes without looking at your phone.

There’s a high likelihood that anyone reading this article looked at their phone while reading this article. Sadly, the dependence on obtaining constant information from phones can produce real difficulties when it comes to sitting down to study. Studies show that even the presence of a phone nearby is adequate to stopping most people from studying efficiently this means that even when using self-control and not scrolling over notifications can still result in a less-than-productive study session.


Create a Playlist That Helps You Focus

Having the appropriate music can facilitate an enjoyable and highly effective study time. There are numerous studies that underline the worth of classical music, in particular, due to its wordless melodies. For instance, a study printed in Learning and Individual Differences talked about the effects of music while studying; the survey discovered that lectures including classical music in the background led to more favorable scores on quizzes and exams than comparable lectures lacking classical music.


So what can we take away from the results of the survey?

Music puts people in a better, more stable emotional environment that enables the mind to be far more responsive to knowledge than it would be in other circumstances. According to researchers at Duke University, it’s also believed that music facilitates the retention of information because it helps reduce anxiety.


 Find a Space Conducive to Studying

Is it better to study in a workspace beneficial to studying, or in a space full of distractions? What about merely hanging out with a computer, textbook, and notes wherever you can locate a cozy spot?


Here’s the thing: the study environment is vital. Trying to study in a room full of distractions ends up being just that: distracting. It also might sound like a good idea to have the TV on for "background noise," but rarely does that end well.


If feasible, set up a particular area exclusively used for coursework and studying. The study space should accommodate a desk, a comfortable seat, proper light, and any supplies you may need to facilitate a quality study session. Try to eliminate all distractions when in this study space and announce to your family members, roomies, or other fellow tenants that while studying in this space, there are to be no interruptions or other distractions.