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Sunday, February 20, 2022

Interjection Exercises with Answers


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We have Two Exercises with Answers

Number 1 and Number 2


Interjection Exercises with Answers

QN 1. Underline interjections in the following sentences.

  1. Hurray, India has won the match!
  2. Oh, I have lost my book!
  3. Bravo, you have done it!
  4. Ouch, you have stepped on my foot.
  5. Wow, this is beautiful!


  1. Hurray, India has won the match!
  2. Oh, I have lost my book!
  3. Bravo, you have done it!
  4. Ouch, you have stepped on my foot.
  5. Wow, this is beautiful!

QN 2. Fill in the blanks with suitable interjections from the box given below.

Hello, Congratulations, Wow, Oh, Hurray, Ouch

  1. ___________, you stepped on my foot!
  2. ___________, what a lovely dress!
  3. ___________, I have lost my purse!
  4. ___________, you have passed the test!
  5. ___________, we wont the match!
  6. ___________, nice to meet you.


  1. Ouch
  2. Wow
  3. Oh
  4. Congratulations
  5. Hurray
  6. Hello

QN 3. Add interjections to the sentences given below and rewrite them.

  1. We have lost the game.
  2. I forgot that there was an exam today.
  3. The flower is very beautiful.
  4. She looks so pretty.
  5. It hurts a lot.


  1. Alas, we have lost the game!
  2. Oh, I forgot that there was an exam today!
  3. Wow, the flower is very beautiful!
  4. Wow, she looks so beautiful!
  5. Ah, it hurts a lot!


Interjection Exercises with Answers

QN 1: Choose the right words:

(i) ___________! who cries outside? (Hark/Hallo)
(ii) ___________ ! I have lost my purse. (Alas/Ha/Ha!)
(iii) ___________ ! I have defeated all my rivals. (HurrablHa)

(iv) ___________ ! Are you not in your senses? (Ob/Hallo)

(v) ___________ ! The victory is yours. (BravofHurrah)

(i) Hark
(ii) Alas
(iii) Hurrah
(iv) Hallo
(v) Bravo


QN 2: Complete these sentences with suitable interjections

(i) __________ We have won the match.
(ii) __________ Where are you going now?
(iii) __________ What a beautiful color?
(iv) __________ I hear some one coming.
(v) _________ What a wicked lie.

(i) Hurrah!
(ii) Hallo
(iii) Oh!
(iv) Hush!
(v) Oh!


QN 3: Underline the Interjections

(i) Hey! You left me behind.
(ii) Ouch! That soup is hot.
(iii) Oops! The plate broke.
(iv) Well, I guess I’ll go.
(v) Hurray! We won the game.
(vi) Wow! John hit the ball far.
(vii) Hurray! I saw something scary in the cave.
(viii) Alas! I cannot go with you.
(ix) Shh! I heard something.
(x) Ah, I see what you mean.