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Thursday, October 7, 2021

Madaba | Mock Exams | Form Two | 2021

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Note Down What You Think and Learn

You may have heard someone say that you only remember 10% of what you read and 20% of what you hear.

These numbers have not really been supported by research, but it is true that people tend to remember more of what they engage with – that is, you remember something that you do or teach more than anything you just read or hear. This is one reason that taking notes about what you are learning is so important. As you write notes your brain is more likely to record, and later be able to recall, what you learned.

Another great way to remember what you learn better is to discuss it with someone. Study groups are great for this. When you talk about something you not only come up with more ideas, but you relate it to what you already know, you put it into context, and you better understand and remember it.

So, tell your parents or partner about the interesting information that you are learning and you can actually consider that as part of your study time.