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Tuesday, September 7, 2021

History | Questions and Answers | Necta 1985 - 2018

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History | Questions and Answers | Necta 1985 - 2018


Essay Questions with Answers

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How to Answer History Essay Questions

1. Read the asked questions thoroughly so that you can detect what exactly the said questions demand. In order to know exactly what the demand of the question try to observe the terminologies used in the question.

2. Make a recall on the points necessary in answering the given questions.

3. Start writing your essay by providing introduction: Normally, an introduction should clearly define the key words, giving periodisation, as well as other relevant issues based on the asked questions.

4. Then, create a coherent (linking) words/statement in order to draw attention to the one who will be reading your essay.

5. Put your points at the beginning of every paragraph; never hide your points by putting it at the middle of your paragraph. Normally the given point has to be well explained followed by relevant and plausible examples basing on the asked question.

6. Create a relevant conclusion, when concluding avoids making repetition of the given points, you should give your general comment/judgment. Most of the students fail to score in this part since they provide conclusion, which do not qualify in academic writing.

7. Make sure that you maintain tidiness and cleanliness by having good handwriting, using simple and well grammatical English so that your work can be more attractive to anyone who sees it.

8. Be precise in choosing the right question. Sometimes a question carries two sides for example, a candidate may be asked to discuss the causes and effects of First World War. In this regard, the allocation of marks will base on causes and effects thus do not put much focus on only one side rather both.

9. Alternatively, if there are other questions that you may opt it is potential to skip a question that has two sides and instead attempt a question that direct ask a candidate to produce only points basing on one side example, Explain the roles of agents of colonialism to the colonization of Africa.