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Monday, September 6, 2021

A Guide to Pass Mathematics - Necta Exams

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 How to Pass Mathematics - Necta Exams

For Form Four and Six Students

We provide to you a lot of techniques on how you will do and pass Mathematics Exam for Necta Exams

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The Importance of Mathematics in Our Life

Mathematics in Our Everyday Life

Mathematics is the pillar of organized life for the present day. Without numbers and mathematical evidence, we cannot resolve many issues in our daily lives. There are times, measurements, rates, wages, tenders, discounts, claims, supplies, jobs, stocks, contracts, taxes, money exchange, consumption, etc., and in the absence of these sports data, we have to face confusion and chaos.

Thus, mathematics has become the companion of man and his helper since the beginning of human existence on earth. When man first wanted to answer questions such as "How many?" he invented math. Then algebra was invented to facilitate calculations, measurements, analysis, and engineering.

The science of trigonometry emerged when humans wanted to locate high mountains and stars.

Therefore, the knowledge of this article arose and developed when human felt the need and mathematics are necessary for the long planning of life and also the daily planning of any individual.

Mathematical rapprochement is necessary for any process, so if anyone wants to reach the height of his life, he should not fail to believe in the role of mathematics in his life, starting with the ordinary citizen. Every day has a daily interest in mathematics.

Mathematics is deeply related to the natural phenomenon, the way to solve many secrets of nature.

Mathematics is necessary to understand the other branches of knowledge. All depend on mathematics in one way or another. There is no science, art, or specialty except mathematics was the key to it. The discipline and mastery of any other science or art are very much related to the size of mathematics.