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Thursday, August 2, 2018


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NECTA 2008
Study carefully the photograph given and answer the question that follow:

a) Identify the type of photograph shown      
    Ground Photograph because of two reasons   
    - It shows the side or front view of the image   
    - The foreground objects look larger than the middle and background objects  
b) Name three (3) features found on the photograph    
    - Cliffs
    - Caves  
    - Stacks

c) How are the features named in (b) above formed? 
  1. Cliffs are the high or steep faces of rock along the sea coast and produced by breaking waves   
  2. Caves is cavity or hollow at the base of a cliff formed as a result constant wave erosion 
  3. Stacks are the isolated mass of rock near a coastline detached from the mainland by wave erosion after the collapse of an arch

d) What are the economic importance of the features found on the photograph?
  1. Tourism because the features like cliffs and caves attract tourists and pay foreign currency 
  2. Source of Income because the people can collect and sell rocks as building materials         
  3. Development of Fishing Industry because the features like caves and stacks provide good habitats for marine organisms