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Wednesday, August 8, 2018


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MOCK 2016             
Study carefully the photograph provided below and then answers the questions that follow:

a) Suggest the type of photograph and give evidence of your suggestion 
    Ground Photograph due to the following evidences: 
   - It shows the side or front view of the image   
   - The foreground objects look larger than the middle and background objects  
   - The horizon is clearly seen

b) Suggest any five social-economic activities that might be taking place in the area shown on the photograph        
1. Fishing, this is evidenced by the presence of water body (sea) in left side of photograph 
2. Tourism due to presence of attractive beach and sea at the left side of the photograph 
3. Transportation, the presence of water body (sea) allows the movement of ships and boats
4. Recreation, presence of attractive beach can attract people to visit and enjoy the area. 
5. Trade, presence of attractive beach attracts people to come and pay money for the service          

c) Comment on the problem of building nearby the feature shown on the left-hand side of the photograph   
Building nearby the water body (sea) will lead to: 
- Water Pollution because the people will be introducing unwanted materials into the sea
- Loss of Marine Organisms like fish since the people will be polluting water and destroy the habitat of marine organisms through different human activities

d) Describe the relief of the area  
    Relief is physical appearance of an area or land, the relief of an area is:  
    - Lowland coastal region because the area lies towards the sea