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Thursday, July 5, 2018



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14. Don’t smoke

Smoking tobacco causes NCDs such as lung disease, heart disease and stroke. Tobacco kills not only the direct smokers but even non-smokers through second-hand exposure. Currently, there are around 15.9 million Filipino adults who smoke tobacco but 7 in 10 smokers are interested or plan to quit.

If you are currently a smoker, it’s not too late to quit. Once you do, you will experience immediate and long-term health benefits. If you are not a smoker, that’s great! Do not start smoking and fight for your right to breathe tobacco-smoke-free air.


15. Manage stress in a healthy way

Although stress is often unavoidable, you do have a choice in how you handle it. Just as your body has a stress response, it also has a relaxation response, which is characterized by lower blood pressure, slower breathing, and a reduced heart rate.

- Breathing exercises: A technique called diaphragmatic breathing has been shown to help lower stress hormones, reduce blood pressure, and regulate other bodily processes.

- Progressive muscle relaxation: Progressive muscle relaxation is a technique where you tighten and then relax each muscle group in your body, one at a time, in a specific pattern.

- Exercising: Physical activity releases endorphins in your brain, one of the feel-good hormones. These chemicals can help relieve pain and also reduce stress and boost your mood.


16. Think positive

Speaking positive affirmations out loud can boost self-esteem, keep us motivated and put things into perspective. Start small with a few affirmations when you first wake up and reap the benefits of starting every morning with a positive mindset.


17. Let the sunshine in

Sunlight is a source of vitamin D, which helps our brains release mood-boosting endorphins and serotonin. Enjoy the sun for 30 minutes to two hours per day and use SAD lights in the darker months.