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Friday, March 22, 2024

Jinsi ya Kubadili Combinations 2024 - Selform Mis


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The reasons for Students to change Subject Combination


Many Form Five students in Tanzania want to know how to change their subject combination before they start Form Five. There are several reasons why students may decide to change their subject combination, such as:

1. Sometimes, students might want to change subject combination after they have been allocated to a school and a subject combination by the TAMISEMI. There could be various reasons for this, such as:

2.   Some students are not happy or satisfied with the subject combination or the school that they have been assigned to.

3.   Some students have discovered a new interest or passion that is not aligned with their current subject combination.

4.   Some students have changed their mind or goals about their future career or education plans, and they need a different subject combination to pursue them.

5.   Some students have realized that the subject combination that they have chosen is too difficult or challenging for them, and they need a more suitable one for their abilities and skills.

6.   Some students have encountered some personal or family issues that affect their ability or willingness to continue with their current subject combination or school.