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Sunday, March 31, 2024

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Advantages of School Bus in our Schools

1. Parents can track their children

The use of school bus tracking system these days are useful for parents to keep track of their children. They can keep a check on the location of their children in real-time. It creates a level of trust between parents and school’s authorities, and they can stay assured about the security of their kids.


2. Safety is highly regarded by the drivers

At Marigold International School, the school bus drivers are highly trained and skilled which is verified by multiple tests. They have no past records of rash driving on the road and are responsible enough to drive safely. In fact, our school buses have added safety features such as GPS tracking, cameras and a person inside the bus to take care of the students. 

3. No Wasting of Time

The buses pick up students with wasting time in waiting. Every student knows the time of the arrival of the bus at their stoppage. It means they don’t need to spend their time waiting for buses’ arrival before time.


4. Keeps the kids active

The early to bed and early to rise theory is best put to use when students commute in school buses. Since, school buses have the punctuality factor, it helps maintain a healthy schedule to some extent. Besides, when commuting alone with parents, students aren’t as active as they are when commuting with peers in the school bus.