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Thursday, February 22, 2024

Solved Exams for Primary Schools - Download Exams with Answers

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Mid-Term, Terminal, Annual, Pre-Mock, Mock, Pre-Necta and Necta Exams  

English Medium and Swahili Medium

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We have the Solved Exams for:

- Class Four

- Class Seven

To download the Exams with Answers, click the links below:



Importance of Solving Past Papers

1. Effective strategy planning

While you use previous year question papers to enhance your time management skills, self-confidence, and familiarity with the exam pattern, you also need to develop a study plan. This plan should help you cover any knowledge or competency gaps you notice during your prep.

To do this, dig out the question types that you were not able to solve in the sample tests, and focus more on them. This way, you can use previous years’ papers to develop effective strategies for preparation and further study.


2. It will help you to understand the basic structure and important chapters

Previous Year Solved Papers are a great way to improve problem-solving skills. By solving the question papers, you will understand the question pattern better and the concepts.

It also allows students to familiarize themselves with the exam format. Students get an idea of the types of questions asked and identify gaps in their knowledge.

With the help of the Previous year's question papers, the student will become more familiar with the ideas asked in examinations.

It gives an inside look at the marks allotment of the question and enhances insight into its structure. Students can use it to analyse the distribution of marks for each question.

With the previous year's solved paper and accurate study material, you will be able to monitor your progress more.


3. Helps students to apply their knowledge

Your task is not over after learning some specific chapters. Yes, you might have attained the much-required knowledge from each of the portions you covered, but that alone will not help.  All the questions will not be direct questions, there may be many twisted questions too. The thing is that you should have the capability to apply what you have studied. Solving previous question papers will help you to deliver this process. This helps the students to understand where he/she stands currently. This helps you to apply what you have studied and thereby can identify your strengths and weaknesses. So that you can realize your strength and rectify your weakness and move forward. This process will gently help to apply what you have learned and this will ultimately help you in your important exams.