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Monday, December 4, 2023

Geography Notes for Form Two - KENYA - Download All Topics

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These notes follow the Kenya Syllabus. The notes have been prepared by qualified professional teachers.

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4. Mount Satima

Mount Satima is the third highest mountain in Kenya, at 13,127 feet above sea level. It is the highest part of the Aberdare mountain range in Aberdare National Park. The Masai name, Oldoinyo Lesatima translates as “mountain of the bull calf.” Set along the eastern side of the Great Rift Valley, Satima is surrounded by a series of volcanic cones called “the Dragon’s Teeth.” The top of Mount Setima offers breath-taking views of the Rift Valley, the Aberdares and, on a clear day, Lake Naivasha and Mount Kenya. The mountain is popular with both birdwatchers and trekkers; most climbs take less than a day.

Hiking Satima is regarded as one of the most scenic and gentle of all the Aberdare trails, with the route rounding escarpments above rolling valleys and hills covered in beautiful alpine flowers and greenery.


5. Mount Kinangop

Mount Kinangop is the fourth highest mountain in Kenya located in Kinangop, Nyandarua County. It is one of the significant influencers of the weather conditions around the region with the leeward side facing the central Nyandarua and its environs. Due to its strategic location in the county, the area is characterized by cold weather conditions and throughout the year rainy seasons. Mount Kinangop is situated within the Aberdare National Park, home to lions, antelopes, buffalos, gazelles, hyenas, and leopards, among other types of birds and wildlife.


6. Mount Homa

Mount Homa is a mountain located in western Kenya. It forms a broad peninsula on the southern shore of Winam Gulf, an extension of Lake Victoria. It is one of the very few carbonatite volcanoes in the world.


The highlands of Kenya are extremely famous tourist attractions, and virtually all of them have hiking trips accessible through a travel company. While not all can be ascended to the summit without proper mountaineering equipment, most may be hiked or walked at least a short way up the slopes.