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Wednesday, November 2, 2022

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The Importance of Debate for Pupils/Students in Schools


Debating means ‘to fight’. Today, debating implies a discussion between two parties to form a conclusion. This skill involves two parties (usually) holding different views about the same topic.


Using debates in the classroom provide students the opportunity to work in a collaborative and cooperative group setting. By having students discuss and organize their points of view for one side of an argument they are able to discover new information and put knowledge into action.


Classroom debate is very essential in today’s education system for engaging students and bringing life to the classroom. Using debates in the classroom can help students demonstrate critical thinking and develop presentation skills. Among the skills classroom debate is a great way of improving abstract thinking, research, reasoning, and even public speaking skills.


Students good at debate excel in oral and written communications and become comfortable with new concepts and unfamiliar language. Classroom Debate teaches students to recognize how others think and improves the ability to resolve the conflicts.


The Importance of Debate for Students in Schools:


1. Builds Confidence

How confident you sound when you deliver a speech is what gains you more listeners. Unfortunately, there are a lot of speakers who are denied attention because of lack of confidence in their speech delivery. Debating helps you build confidence and reach great heights. It happens because your faith tells you how sure you are about what you say. Debating also eradicates the fear which you have while expressing yourself amongst friends or strangers.


2. Team bonding and collaboration
Team bonding and collaboration is one of the things which builds up during the debate. Collaborating in debate helps it to go well in a smooth manner and students participating in it feel confident and they get support from their team members. It leads to a strong team bonding.


3. Improves Your Listening Capabilities

The conscious mind responds to questions quite well. While debating, listening to people is the most crucial benefit which helps you learn English. Unless you listen to people, it would be impossible for you to take your stand on the arguments put forward by the opposite party. Moreover, it increases concentration when you take part in discussions like this. This has two-fold benefits: it improves your English understanding and helps you communicate your ideas well.


4. Improved critical thinking skills

The importance of debate in education centres around its ability to teach children critical thinking. In a world where children are spoon-fed information passively, critical thinking is lacking as learning is no longer interest-based.

However, debating can sharpen a student’s critical thinking skills and let them examine the topic they’ve been given. Instead of passively accepting information, they’re forced to hone their thoughts, discard concepts and theories that don’t make sense and adopt ones that do.


5. Integrate knowledge


Debate topics are multifaceted across several disciplines. So, classroom debates allow debaters to gain knowledge outside the student’s normal and academic subjects. Debates provide students the opportunity to explore real-world topics and issues


6. Better understanding
In the process of debating students gain an understanding to have conviction in the things what they are saying as they have prepared well for the topic. After a certain time of participating in debate competition, the communication skill improves and the way of delivering the speech gets better in a confident manner.


7. Motivate to research and learn
Debate participation helps in developing the research skills and increases knowledge about a particular topic. When a child is going to represent his points in a debate he needs to substantiate it with the facts for which they need to research thoroughly. It is very important for them to get indulge in research as it prepares them to perform excel in the future. It allows them to examine the outside world other than the academics.