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Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Physics (1 & 2) - Solved Exams | Mock Mtwara | Form Six 2022

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Physics (1 & 2) Mock Exams with Answers (Marking Schemes)

Mtwara and Lindi - Form Six 2022

February 2022 

The Exams including: 
- Physics 1 
- Physics 2 


Click the links below to view the Exams with Answers:


Click the links below to view the Exams with Answers:


To avoid Stress for Final Exams

Make a revision timetable

This is pretty closely related to the tip above. But we can't emphasise enough how taking a bit of time to get yourself in order will help you reduce exam stress.

As our guide to becoming organised rightly states, making a revision schedule and writing to-do lists each day will keep you super prepared. They'll make it easier to get everything done – and on time.

Working out a daily routine and sticking to it is also good for the soul. It will help you feel a lot more in control of how your day pans out.

Remember to factor in regular breaks. These will do you wonders. You could maybe try having a break for at least 10 minutes every hour and a half or so, if not more.