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Thursday, October 20, 2022

Kiswahili (1 & 2) - Solved Exams | Pre-Mock Kilimanjaro | Form Six 2020

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 Kiswahili (1 & 2) Pre-Mock Exams with Answers (Marking Schemes) - (SAMWASSES) - Form Six 2020

Same and Mwanga Secondary Schools Examinations Syndicate (SAMWASSES) 

The Exams including: 
- Kiswahili 1 
- Kiswahili 2 


Click the links below to view the Exams with Answers:


Click the links below to view the Exams with Answers:


Characteristics of a Good Student


Since you do not earn your own money yet, value every cent that you receive from your parents or anyone who supports you. Or, if you are working a part-time job just to send yourself to school, then you surely understand how hard it is to earn bucks.


Unless you are a genius, there could be times when you are having a hard time mastering your lessons or some skills. Instead of succumbing to frustration, you must be patient with your progress, no matter how slow it is. What is important is you do not stop learning and trying.



A good student makes sure s/he is organized in everything including time management and school things. This will help you avoid cramming and forgetting where you have inserted your assignments.


You are not hesitant to voice out your ideas in the class, participate in contests, or join a school organization. You believe in yourself.


A good student is good at socialization too. The only thing that might hinder you from making friends with your classmates is either you consider them as threats to your goal to top the class or you think you are not good enough to be friends with them. Both are signs of insecurity.



This does not talk about seeing your classmates as rivals. Instead, being competitive means you do not back out from any challenging activities in your classes. For example, if your teacher gives a difficult Math problem, you try to solve it on your own rather than just wait for your classmates to figure it out.