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Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Physics 1 (Theory) - Solved Exams - Mock Dodoma - Form Four 2020

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  Physics 1 (Theory) Exam with Answers (Marking Scheme) - Mock Dodoma - Form Four 2020


Questions and Answers



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Tips for Final Exams

Ditch Distracting Devices

In today’s digital world, it’s tough to go even a few minutes without glancing at our smartphones. Unfortunately, this dependence can cause big problems when it’s time to buckle down and study. Research suggests that the mere presence of a smartphone is enough to prevent most people from learning effectively even when showing restraint and managing to avoid scrolling through notifications.

While apps and alarms might seem helpful, they may not make up for the inherent distraction that comes with keeping your phone in your study space. For best results, commit to turning your phone off for at least an hour and placing it in a safe space as far from your desk as possible.


Experiment with a Variety of Study Tactics

No one study method works equally well for everyone. Some people learn best from reading notes out loud, while others benefit from flashcards or highlighters. Experiment with several approaches until you find a strategy that best addresses your unique needs. Don’t be surprised, however, if a single method fails to deliver results for every subject. A specific strategy may prove more effective for one course than for others, so don’t be afraid to switch things up as soon as your approach appears to deliver diminishing returns.