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Friday, September 30, 2022

Kiswahili - Solved Exam | Pre-Necta Mwanga Schools | Form Four 2020

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Kiswahili Pre-National Exam with Answers (Marking Schemes) - Mwanga Schools (MWASSES) - Form Four 2020

Mwanga Secondary Schools Examinations Syndicate (MWASSES) 

Questions and Answers



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5 Importances of Studying towards Final Exams

Studying Increases Your Curiosity Level

When students study for their exams, they tend to get so engrossed in their studies that they have no time for anything else except learning new things every single day. It not only creates a hunger for learning new things but also makes you curious to know more and more. This curiosity leads to an insatiable appetite for knowledge, which is always good!

Studying Makes You More Responsive

Studying hard day-in and day-out brings with it the benefit of becoming a responsible person as mentioned above. In addition, students who study have increased levels of responsibility towards their studies because they know that they have to study every day if they want good grades in exams. So, studying makes you more responsive towards everything that happens in life by letting your brain think carefully before taking any action.

Studying Increases Your Reading Speed and Comprehension Level

When students study hard day-in and day-out to score the best grades in exams, it becomes natural for them to pick up books and read on every topic of their choice after some time, because they are already good at reading quickly! Plus, when you do something regularly, you tend to become good at it; similar is the case with studying. So, your reading speed goes up while your comprehension level improves too!


Studying Forces, you to Solve Problems On Your Own

You have probably heard people say this a lot of times before – ‘Every problem comes with its solution’. When you are struggling with a problem and do not know how to solve it, studying can help you in finding that solution. This is because when you study for your exams, you come across problems that have already been solved by someone else. So, all you need to do is find that solution and apply it to the problem that you are facing currently.