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Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Food and Nutrition 2 (Practical) - Solved Exam - Mock Dodoma - Form Four 2020

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 Food and Nutrition 2 (Practical) Exam with Answers (Marking Scheme) - Mock Dodoma - Form Four 2020


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Preparations for Final Exams

Avoid the Urge to Procrastinate


No guide on studying for finals in college would be complete without a quick mention concerning procrastination. This natural tendency seems to define the college experience with some students even boasting about their ability to survive all-nighters. In reality, however, procrastination is not cause for celebration or even light-hearted joking. This harmful practice stresses students out and almost always leads to worse scores.


The process of preparing for final exams should begin on the first day of class. The material you cover early on in your course is also the most likely to be forgotten by the time finals arrive. Hence, the need for extra attention in those first few weeks. As finals draw near, plan to review the full scope of material you’ve covered, perhaps dividing study sessions up by chapters in your textbook or dedicating one study period to each week of class.