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Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Computer 1 (Theory) - Solved Exam - Mock Dodoma - Form Four 2020

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 Computer 1 - Theory (Information and Computer Studies 1) Exam with Answers (Marking Scheme) - Mock Dodoma - Form Four 2020


Questions and Answers



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Avoid the Urge to Procrastinate


Without a doubt, the first tip has to be about the urge to procrastinate about studying. Procrastination is a perfectly natural inclination that seemingly illustrates the universal college experience. Some students fare better than others, with some (often upperclassmen) bragging about all-nighters and others falling into "panic mode." The harsh reality is that when students procrastinate, worse scores ensue.


Planning for final exams needs to start at the beginning of the semester. The curriculum at the beginning of the semester is just as important as the information in the middle and end of the course. Still, it’s also the most likely to be forgotten by the time finals arrive, meaning there's an additional need for increased focus in those first couple of weeks. Putting in the effort at the beginning of the semester means less stress as finals draw near. As a student, a good rule of thumb is to plan on reviewing the entire extent of material, possibly breaking up studying by chapters in the textbook or committing a study session to each week of the course.