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Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Zanzibar | Mock Exams | Form Six | 2022

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Tips for Final Exams

Find ways to relieve stress

Adjusting to culture shock at university can be stressful. Exercising can help you burn off nervous energy while exploring your new home. Yoga or meditation could help you relax. Exploring new hobbies or joining a student club on campus, especially those that encourage socializing and meeting new people, can help you overcome culture shock.


Attend the Review Session

If your professor or teacher assistant is offering a pre-test review session before finals week, make sure to attend. This is where you can learn important information on the format of the exam and what may be covered in the questions, as well as key topics to focus your studies.


Focus on the positive

You might find it easy to focus on what is “missing,” like familiar foods and customs from back home. However, comparisons will not help you settle in when encountering culture shock abroad. Instead, focus on the good things around you. Remember that discovering and learning new things is why you wanted to study abroad.

Write down fun or interesting discoveries and add to your list throughout the year. You could write your list in a notebook, a blog or journal (in English to help you practice) or even type a quick note on your phone.