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Sunday, March 27, 2022

Dar Es Salaam - Tahossa | Pre-Necta Exams | Form Six | 2022

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Form Six Pre-National Examinations 2022


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Things to do for Final Exam

Don’t Cram – Start Early.

Do yourself a huge favor and make a habit of start studying early on in the semester. Spend at least one hour per week reviewing class notes. Highlight all the areas that are important, and look back at the syllabus to narrow down the key areas you’ll need to get a handle on. By simply going over all your class notes, you’ll get a good overview of the specific areas you should start studying. This will also provide your mind with a good summary of everything you’ve been learning this semester.


Make a Plan and Stick to It

Make a commitment to spend at least an hour a week per class to focus on the final exam. By setting aside enough time now, you will be preparing your mind for the final exam and everything else that is ahead. If you come across material that you have questions about you will have plenty of time to get answers from your instructors. By reviewing early and often, you’ll simultaneously prepare for finals and midterms.