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Monday, September 20, 2021

Dodoma | Pre-Necta Exams | Form Four | 2020

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Form Four Pre-National Examinations 2020


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Having Smartness

A good student always has the ability to think quickly and act on his feet. Being smart certainly makes teachers fall in love with a student, this is because smartness comes with the skill of problem-solving. This quality is a rare one but good students possess it.

A smart student not only makes it easier for his teachers but also assists in helping other students easily understand concepts being taught. Most times this quality of a good student is developed through study and paying maximum attention when a topic is being taught in the classroom. This makes topics appear easier for them than other students who don’t invest as much hard work.


The first quality of a good student is discipline. This means a student who aspires to be excellent must adhere to his/her study timetable strictly and obey the instructions of coaches, teachers, and parents every day.