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Sunday, October 24, 2021

Southern Highlands - CSSC | Joint Exams | Form Two | 2021

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Southern Highlands Zone

September 2021


Form Two Joint Examinations 2021


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Be Happy in Exams

Stay Healthy

The stress caused by exams can result in students eating unhealthily – fast food, snacks and caffeine can provide a false sense of energy. However, the food we eat and drink can have a large effect on both our body and mind. A healthy diet can improve our mood, our memory and our levels of concentration.

Healthy carbs such as brown rice, pasta, whole grain bread and cereals will provide necessary energy to allow students to keep working through the day. Oily fish like salmon and sardines are great for the brain, heart and joints, as well as increasing serotonin which makes us feel good! Other sources of Omega 3 such as nuts and seeds are a great substitute for vegans. And of course, a variety of fruits and vegetables will ensure that students have a balanced diet that will improve memory, brainpower and mental agility.