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Friday, October 15, 2021

Kibaha (Kipssa) | Pre-Necta Exams | Form Two | 2021

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Form Two Pre-National Examinations 2021


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Feel Confident in Exams

If you struggle with test anxiety, there are strategies that may help, such as thorough preparation, relaxation techniques, and getting help from others.

Make a study schedule

Make a study schedule. To make sure you don’t leave studying to the last minute, create a schedule for when you will study during the days or weeks before the exam. For example, you could commit to studying for one hour a day right after school for one week before the exam.

- Making a study schedule can help you to avoid allowing other activities to interfere with studying.

- Plan to study for about 45 minutes at a time. It’s difficult to concentrate for more than 45 minutes. You may find it easier to concentrate if you take short breaks once an hour.

- If the test will cover a lot of material, consider using the “chunking” technique. Break your topic into sections so that you can focus on each one comfortable instead of trying to cover all of the material in every study session. You can then plan your study sessions around specific sections of the material.