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Thursday, September 30, 2021

Tamongsco | Mock Exams | Form Four | 2021

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Form Four Mock Examinations 2021


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Oral Exams

Most modern languages courses involve oral exams. During these exams you will normally need to make a presentation and answer questions in your chosen language. You might also have to submit some written work which you might be asked about.

Some other subjects that involve writing a dissertation or other research may also have a type of oral exam called a ‘viva’, where you will make a presentation and answer questions about your research. Oral exams are normally taken individually in a classroom with one or more examiners.

These exams are designed to test your understanding of a subject and your communication skills more than your memory.


Exams are considered as a source of grading the capabilities of students. It is a standard system to test knowledge which is being practiced in almost all schools. It is the fear of both, bright and weak students.