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Friday, November 19, 2021

Pre-Necta Exams | Form Four | 2021

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Form Four 2021

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Examinations help Students in: 

Create competition
Exams also create competition among the individuals, which push them to acquire more knowledge. It also pushes the competitors to give their best. In the current world, competition is in everywhere. If you become a president, there is a competition, if you become a general manager, there is a competition, if you become a school principal, there is a competition, if you want to become a gold medalist, there is a competition. Without competition, it is hard to survive in this world. So, it is good to create competition among school students and you can make that possible by hold examinations in different stages.

Scholarships and bright future
If an individual works hard and maintaining the good grades, he/she will get scholarships and chances for studying at prestigious institutes around the world. Those best institutes and universities will make them get a good job that will ultimately result in having bright future and luxurious lifestyle.

Boost Confidence in Exam Days

For every student, exam time is that stressful time when stress and nervousness seem to go hand in hand. The unrealistic and very high expectations lead to Stress. Being too nervous can affect exam performance in a bad way and can affect memory, cause 'blank-outs', concentration, create other distractions during the exam, cause thoughts to race, give rise to feelings of demotivation.

Eat Healthy

Eating healthy food including fresh fruits and vegetables, and whole grains, and drinking an ample amount of water is important to give your body energy and your mind power.

Being overly nervous affects the performance and it is common for students to neglect their diet during exam pressure. But diet influences the way one handles the exam stress. Nutrition is a key factor in maintaining good health and managing anxiety.

Scoring 100 Percent is Not A Key To Success

Most of the students live in a delusion that if they don't get a perfect 100 percentage, they fail. Coming with very high standards in life and expecting the very best out of yourselves is good but don't let a mark or two dishearten you. Celebrating small wins gives a huge morale boost that can lead to more confidence.

Do Meditation

It is important to rest your mind and open it up for more understanding. Taking a nap, eating, doing your favourite activity, exercising, etc., can be relaxing. For example, doing yoga or meditation before studying can be helpful to reduce stress and sleep peacefully.

Create, revise, and review your study tools.

Choose tools that fit the subject matter and your learning style. Options include flash cards, outlines, timelines, charts, and sample test questions.

Create a one-page summary with the most important ideas, equations, or methods for the exam. The process of creating this summary will prompt you to identify the most important information that you need to know for the exam, which will help you to study more efficiently. If the exam is open-book, this summary sheet can also be a helpful guide to your notes or textbook while you’re taking the test.

Keep your learning style in mind when creating your study tools. For example, if you are a more visual learner, you may retain more information by drawing diagrams or mindmaps.


When Final Exam is near

Find a good place to focus on your schoolwork

Maintaining focus during the days before a final can make the difference between just passing a course and getting a top grade. One of the best ways to maintain focus is finding somewhere to study that does not have any distractions.

Having a comfortable and controlled environment where you can focus on your studies should be an important part of your final exam preparation. This could be in the library, a common area in your residence hall, or even a cafĂ©. What matters most is that it’s a place where you can concentrate as you study.


Don’t forget to take care of yourself while you study

Take care of your body and help your mind get ready for your final. Getting a good night’s sleep, eating a good meal the morning of your exam, and drinking enough water can make a positive difference in your exam grade.

If you’ve prepared well all term, the days immediately before you take final exams should be your opportunity to review what you’ve learned. Whether you study better alone, with a partner, or in a small group, make certain you take the time to study for your exams. Be sure to take breaks as you go and do not overload your brain in any one study session.