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Monday, April 19, 2021

Standard Two Exams - Monthly, Midterm, Terminal and Annual Exams - Download All Subjects

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2010 - Present


Monthly, Midterm, Terminal and Annual Exams


English Medium

The Examinations for Primary Schools using English Language as a Medium of Instruction.


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2010 - 2023




How to Perform better in Exams


Attend class regularly 

You cannot successfully pass a class or exams if you do not attend the class. This will allow you to hear vital lectures and take notes, as well as help you understand your readings and assignments.

Most exams are based on what is covered in class, so skipping class is never advisable. Some teachers will penalize absences, meaning you might not even pass the class if you skip.


Develop a memory for test

It’s nearly impossible to develop memory in a short period, but you can improve your skill at remembering by correcting thoughts and habits.

So, what you should do?

Develop your memory for the test by making a habit out of paying close attention to the material you wish to remember. Make sure you have a clear image of the face, name, date, or facts you are learning. Make them meaningful by associating them with any material you already know.