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Friday, April 23, 2021

Mitihani ya Darasa la Tatu - Masomo yote (Monthly, Midterm, Terminal and Annual Exams)

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2010 - Present


Monthly, Midterm, Terminal and Annual Exams


Swahili Medium

The Examinations for Primary Schools using Swahili Language as a Medium of Instruction.

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2010 - 2023




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- No problem to download and access the exams


Primary education has several benefits in the development of a child. Here, some of them are described:

1. Supports Social and Emotional Development

It is very important for young children to spend some time with other children before starting primary school, especially for those who are from different cultures and backgrounds. One cannot take too lightly the significance of group activities. The group interaction help children to develop a sense of respect for others, learn the difference between right and wrong, how to play with cooperation, the importance of sharing, solve disputes, follow instructions, and voice their opinions.

2. Teaches Independence and Confidence

It is a proven fact that children in their early phase of life who attend a preschool that gives a positive and nurturing environment more stable than those who don’t, this also improve confident and individual young achievers. Early education offers a safe, happy and healthy environment where children can obtain a sense of self and explore new things which learns them about themselves.

3. Improves Reading and Communication Skills

The communication and reading skills of a kid are directly associated with their primary education. Generally, between the age of three and five, a child’s communication skills developed, that is why the primary education is essential to child’s overall development. Young kids who attend preschool have much better reading and communication skills than those who don’t.

Various researchers claim today that getting a good primary education has more influence on children’s overall development than their family background. Poor primary education can lead to a child towards negative effects. While primary education determines the development and growth of various aspects of a child in context to the society, on the other hand, having a poor quality of elementary education or absence of it can lead children to illiteracy. Consequently, primary education is the most crucial phase of a child’s life. It shapes them into a better thinker, learner and human being.