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Friday, April 23, 2021

Mitihani ya Darasa la Sita - Masomo yote



Download the Exams for Primary Schools

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Get more than 10,000 exams from different schools of Tanzania
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2010 - 2023

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- You may use Wps Office or Zip File Extractor (apps), if your phone is not able to open the zip files

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To download the exams, click the packages below:


You’ll always have at least one reluctant writer in your classroom. Just getting them to put their name on a worksheet can feel like an uphill battle.

But as much as they might avoid it, the need to practice and produce sustained writing isn’t going anywhere. So how do you get them to write?

Why your student is reluctant to write in the first place

Before you can motivate them, you need to know the reasons why a student resists writing. They might be feeling:

  • disengaged, unable to link writing to personal areas of interest
  • embarrassed by difficulties with functional literacy (e.g. spelling and grammar)
  • anxious over the pressure to produce something ‘perfect’
  • stuck for ideas

Each of these issues requires a slightly different approach, so talk to the student first and ask what’s holding them back.