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Monday, June 17, 2019

Form Four Exams - Monthly, Midterm, Terminal, Annual Exams - Download All Subjects

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Monthly, Midterm, Terminal and Annual Exams

2010 - Present


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2010 - 2023








1.   Get used to the structure of a paper and the language they use.

You’re probably already used to the vocabulary from learning in the classroom, but it’s good to get yourself familiarised with past papers so you know how everything is laid out and on exam day you don’t stress out over it.

In some exams, some extra information might be printed in the paper such as equations for sciences and mathematics, again it’s good to know where these will be in the paper.


2. They prepare you psychologically

Students usually have anxiety when exams are nearby. Their mind keeps thinking how the exams will look like and if they will get their best grades. Some end up being sick because they cannot manage the pressure within them.

However, you can overcome this by preparing your mind on what to expect. Past exam papers will help you to familiarize yourself with exam questions. As a result, you can have peace of mind because you know what you are likely to find in the exam.


2.   You will understand marks allocation.

It is good to know how your marks are allocated. Not only will it help to know which topics guarantee you a pass, but it will help you to allocate time as per the exam needs.

Most students say, focus on the topic with more marks. But what happens when you don't get the maximum marks in that topic/question? We therefore say, do all questions and treat them equally. But it does not end here.


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