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Sunday, June 27, 2021

A Guide to Pass History - Necta Exams

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How to Pass History - Necta Exams

For Form Four Students

We provide to you a lot of techniques on how you will do and pass History Exam for Necta Exams

Watch the video below:

Making Revision

Make Notes

Active revision is far for effective than passive. So make notes as you revise. Make further summaries of the notes. They act as very useful prompts for your memory. Review these notes and summaries regularly. Read them out loud and test yourself on each area you cover.

Make use of past exam papers. Get used to the type and style of questions asked. Practice answering the questions previously asked.

Look After Yourself

Revision is hard work. Make sure that you get enough sleep and take time off to be with your friends and exercise a little. Rest, relaxation and making sure you stay fit and well are very important elements of the revision programme. Don’t revise into the early hours of the morning. You might feel that you are dedicated and working hard but ‘overdoing’ it is counter productive. You will perform much better after a good night’s sleep.