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Sunday, December 15, 2019



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1. Community Building

Poetry can go a long way to building strong communities both in educational contexts and in the world at large. In school, students can build community through poetry by sharing poems that they love with their classmates. Such an activity first requires that students have the tools to find poems that they love. Teachers can help them find appropriate options by helping students see how diverse the world of poetry can be: there is something for everyone, even students who do not think that poetry is for them.


2. Improves Critical Thinking

Poetry improves critical thinking by forcing a reader to think. In great poetry, meaning is not obvious or one-dimensional. Deciphering poetry is an active practice, rather than the passive engagement encouraged with prose. Readers of poetry are more likely than non-readers to analyse information for bias and viewpoint. This skill benefits students, but also anyone who wants to form their own opinions of news items or gain a better perspective upon documents like contracts.

As the currency of social interaction, language shapes an individual’s experience of the world. The critical thinking skills developed through reading poetry give greater control over language itself.


3. Poems improve linguistic skills

A person who enjoys the expressions used in poetry has a strong understanding of the linguistic aspects. It is normally achieved using figurative language and artistic expressions.

4. Poems develop empathy

A sensitive reader empathises with the content of the poem as well as the poet. The most noteworthy power of poetic literature is its ability to unite reader and writer across time, place or cultural boundaries.


5. Reading Poetry Will Bring Beauty into Your Day

No matter what a poem is actually about, it’s going to use language in an innovative and, I would say, a beautiful way. Okay, beauty is subjective, and we’re going to disagree about what is and is not beautiful. But poets focus on how they say things, not just what they say, so, in the best poems, you will find language that delights you. Reading even just one poem will bring an experience of beauty and maybe even joy into your day.


6. Reading poetry helps children appreciate simple ideas through figurative language and gain a deeper understanding of stories outside of their own life experiences. By providing a window into the thoughts of others, poetry has the power to increase empathy and provide a new perspective of the human experience.