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Friday, June 14, 2019

KISWAHILI - Necta Past Papers - FORM FOUR

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KISWAHILI - Necta Past Papers - FORM FOUR

Form 1-4 Kiswahili (2016)
CSEE Exams
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Good Use of Past Papers

Beat the cheat

It’s hugely tempting, when stumped by a particularly tricky question, to turn to the back of the past paper, locate the answer, and tell yourself that you would have worked it out eventually anyway. This is highly inadvisable, even if you take the time to work backwards from the correct answer in order to understand the logic of the calculation. The point is to replicate exam conditions – better to soldier on, or, if necessary, abandon it and move on to the next question to acquire easier marks, returning to the tricky question only if you have time.

There’s no reason not to repeat past papers – much can be learned this way. It’s easy to think, once you’ve worked your way through the paper and marked it from the back, that you’d get much higher marks at another attempt. You would be amazed. Practise with as many different papers as are available, then go back to the first. You’ll remember less than you think, and the test will do you good. Where you were given a choice of questions, try the ones you didn’t attempt first time round. Variety will keep your brain sharp and you’ll be better prepared should the real exam throw up nasty surprises.