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Thursday, June 13, 2019

CIVICS - Necta Past Papers - FORM TWO

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CIVICS - Necta Past Papers - FORM TWO

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Past Exam Papers Improve Time Management

Another key benefit relating to using past papers is that it helps one develop practical time management skills which are essential in order to achieve the best possible grade. For example, if a student spends too long on short answer questions and then has little time to write an essay then this is an inefficient use of exam time. Therefore, if the student uses practice papers to train herself in sticking to allocated times for each question then it is more likely that she will be successful in the exam itself. An awful lot of exam success if simply about technique as anyone can memorise facts but it is the manner in which such facts are explained or evaluated during the exam that determines overall grades.

Spending time practicing old essay questions and using these questions to guide essay plans will also help you in developing your answer and thus resulting in better marks. Practicing definitions and short answer exam questions will speed up time required in this area where less marks are allocated so that more time can be spent on the essay style questions which allocate more marks.