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Friday, June 14, 2019

CIVICS - Necta Past Papers - FORM FOUR

CIVICS - Necta Past Papers - FORM FOUR

Form 1-4 Civics (2017)

CSEE Exams
201620152015 (Private)
20142014 (Private)2013
2013 (Private)2012
2012 (Private)2011
2011 (Private)2010
200120001999 November
1999 January19981997

How to Use Past Papers

Condition yourself

A common mistake is to avoid making the effort to set up exam conditions – or as near as can be contrived, according to your personal circumstances. Even if you are able to happily focus on textbooks or lecture notes with the noise of family, friends, or passengers around you, there’s no substitute for complete silence when ‘sitting’ past papers. If you can, use a library – and arrive early enough to bag the quietest, most remote spot. Failing that, lock yourself in your room and give firm instructions to your family or housemates not to disturb you unless in an emergency.

Give yourself time to read through the questions before you start, working out how much time you can allocate to each one. And set the same strict time limit for the whole paper, from start to finish, as the original exam allowed – no breaking off to stretch your legs, have a snack, or find a mate to chat to. Would you have the opportunity to do that on exam day?

The aim is to create an atmosphere that’s as close to exam conditions as possible – the effect may be at a subconscious level, but it will be there all right.