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Thursday, June 13, 2019

BIOLOGY - Necta Past Papers - FORM TWO

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BIOLOGY - Necta Past Papers - FORM TWO


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Past Papers: Get a feel for sitting exams

Practising with past exam papers enables you to have a feel of your forthcoming exams, with regard to the exam questions. Fortunately, examiners use a common “template” to set exam papers. You should expect your forthcoming FRCA or GPST exam papers to be very similar with your actual exam papers in as far as the number of questions and style of exam questions is concerned. Past papers enable you to experience the number, style and variety of exam questions. Knowing the number of questions to expect and the choices you are likely to encounter gives you an advantage when planning on how to answer each question. Similarly, the style of questions used e.g. essays, multiple choice, or short-answer, is important in helping you understand how to effectively handle your exam paper.

Where to Find Past Exam Papers

If the exam one is revising for is external, then find out the address of the exam board associated with the paper and request some copies. Past exam papers provided by external examination boards will likely include a small charge but it is well worth it given how much of an advantage it is to be able to practice exam style questions. If the exam is an internal exam, then it is much easier to access old papers by talking to one’s lecturer, personal tutor or making an appointment with the course head.