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Tuesday, August 7, 2018


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MOCK 2013                                                                                        
Study carefully the photograph provided below and then answer the questions that follow:

a) What kind of geographical process is taking place in the area?   

b) State the four economic importance of the process taking place in the area
1. Tourism, volcanic features attract tourists then the country to earn foreign currency
2. Agriculture, some lava on weathering can lead to fertile soil hence development of agriculture 
3. Mining, volcanism can lead to formation  of mineral deposits like copper and diamond 
4. Electric Generation, volcanic eruption can provide geothermal power, then get electricity

c) Describe the four destructive influences of the process on man and environment 
 1. Loss of Life, eruption of hot molten materials can kill people and animals  
 2. Damage of Properties, volcanic eruption can damage the houses and crops  
 3. Air Pollution, the eruption of gases into the area can cause air pollution 
 4. Loss of Biodiversity, ejection of hot molten materials can destroy vegetation and kill animals

e) Name three mountains in East Africa which have originated from the process 
   - Kilimanjaro (Tanzania)  
   - Elgon (Uganda/Kenya)       
   - Oldonyo Lengai  (Tanzania)   


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