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Monday, August 27, 2018



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1. United States of America

The findings suggest the United States as the ‘dominant global force,’ and the country has retained its top position in the power rankings. The publication highlighted the USA's leading status as the world's largest economy, boasting a GDP of $25.5 trillion, and its distinction as the ‘most technologically advanced’ nation.

Additionally, the report acknowledged the US as the primary producer of oil and natural gas globally, with the largest coal reserves. Plus, it has been found that the country's extensive media industry has far-reaching influence, along with its pivotal roles within international organizations including the United Nations and NATO.


2. China

As per the study, China is the world's second-largest country by landmass and economy. While China's rapid economic growth since 1978 has lifted millions from poverty, it has also caused issues like inequality and pollution. Tensions with countries like the United States, due to human rights concerns, persist, the report added. Also, China's nuclear capabilities and membership in influential international organizations bolster its power ranking.

3. Russia

Russia plays a significant role in global geopolitics, leveraging its vast natural resources and military capabilities. The country also focuses on its space program, with plans to launch several missions in the coming years, namely the Venera-D Venus lander. These missions aim to explore the moon and other celestial bodies, contributing to our understanding of the universe.

Its extensive borders, vast size, key industries like energy and manufacturing, cultural contributions, and history in space exploration bolster its standing. Russia also holds memberships in significant international organizations like the G20 and the United Nations Security Council.


4. Germany

Germany is leading the way in the European Union's green energy initiatives. The country focuses on transitioning to renewable energy sources and reducing carbon emissions. Germany also focuses on digital transformation in various sectors, including manufacturing and healthcare, aiming to improve efficiency and productivity.


5. United Kingdom:

The UK focuses on post-Brexit trade deals and negotiations, aiming to establish new economic partnerships. The country is also making strides in the tech industry, with London being a central hub for start-ups. These start-ups work on innovative solutions in various fields, contributing to the UK's economic growth.


6. South Korea

South Korea continues to be a global leader in technology and innovation. The country is home to several leading tech companies, contributing to its strong position in the global economy.

South Korea has 1,602 military aircraft, according to Global Firepower. This includes 402 fighter/interceptor aircraft, 41 transport aircraft, and 98 dedicated attack aircraft.

In addition to reducing carbon emissions, South Korea is also adopting renewable energy sources to promote green energy initiatives.

7. France

US News noted France's economy ranks among the strongest in the world, with tourism playing a key role. It also said France is one of the most-visited countries on earth and is one of the world's top exporters of weapons. “France is one of the world's oldest countries, and its reach extends around the globe through science, politics, economics and perhaps above all, culture," US News said. Its strong international alliances and economic influence were key to its power ranking, which was the same as in 2022.


8. Japan

US News described Japan as one of the world's "most literate and technically advanced nations. “It noted the country has the third-largest economy in the world, and is among the world's largest producers of vehicles, electronic equipment, and steel. Japan’s economic influence was the fourth highest in the world, according to those surveyed. Its ranking hasn't changed from last year.


9. Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is the world's largest oil supplier, accounting for an estimated quarter of global oil supplies, US News noted. It added that the country is an OPEC founding member and a member of the World Trade Organization, as well as other international bodies. Every year, millions of faithful Muslims from all over the world make the pilgrimage to Mecca, which is believed to be the birthplace of the Muslim prophet Mohammed and the cradle of Islam, it noted. Saudi Arabia moved up two spots compared to last year, when it ranked 11th, with particular attention paid to its economic and political influence.