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Sunday, June 17, 2018



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For many years, English has been considered by many to be the primary language of the World Wide Web.  In an increasingly globalised world, is this still a valid assumption?


As the internet has accelerated the pace of globalization, so has the relationship between the English language and the internet had an impact on our emerging digital culture.  The English language is the universal language of the internet.  This has come about because the internet was invented in the English speaking world – the United States of America, to be exact.


English is widely recognized as the language of international business, so it is easy to see why it might also be considered the language of the web.  One strategy is to look at which are the most visited websites around the globe and which languages these are published in.  Using this technique, it would seem that over the last couple of decades English has been dominant. However, looking at popular websites may not necessarily be a fair test, particularly if their popularity is determined using search engines.  Many of the most commonly used search engines have been designed in English, and give English websites higher prominence in their results.


Why English is the Language of the Internet?


1. About 80 per cent of the world’s’ electronically stored information is in English.

2. Computers are English orientated in that the vocabularies of computing – Netscape and Java – are in English.

3. Most of the major search engines are in English.

4. Most texts accessed through the internet are in English.

5. About 55 percent (or over half) of all websites using the language. That means if you can understand and read English, you can access and enjoy a lot of written resources online. 

6. Many of the world’s largest tech companies are based in English speaking countries. So, knowing English will make you accessing their services or working with them easily.