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Tuesday, June 12, 2018




Cards are written pieces of information we send to our parents, relatives or friends. Cards contain information we us to send to our parents, relatives and friends. Cards are intended to invite people to parties or functions, send greetings, and convey strong feelings.

Cards and messages are a means of communication which use paper and mobile phones to transfer information to a certain person.

They help us to invite our friends or relatives to parties or any other social functions.  Cards are also used for giving information about a variety of events like deaths, sickness and the like.

In addition cards are used for exchanging greetings and expressing certain feelings to our friends or relatives. Such feelings include sympathy when friends are in trouble or congratulations when they succeed in a variety of life stages. Events like death, birthday, wedding, graduation and Examinations are the one for which cards are mainly written. Unlike in letters, the information written on Cards should be short and clear.

There are several kinds of Cards. But we can categories them into three major types which are post cards, greetings and invitation cards.


Are these one which people normally send to their friends or relatives to invite them to certain functions or parties. Below is an example of an invitation cards.

The family of Mr. & Mrs. R.Matagi of Mpwapwa Dodoma
Are happy to invite Mr/Mrs/Miss/Prof/Rev /Dr
To a pre wedding party of our beloved daughter Neema R Matagi tobe held at Manaseh social hall on December. 6. 2016 from 8:00-12:00

Invitation card for wedding


Messages are immediate information we send to our parents, relatives and friends. Messages are usually shorter and clear than other forms of conveying information like letters. Messages do not offer online conversation instead the information is communicated in written form.

Writing Telephone Messages

Telephone messages are written through mobile phones, when you are preparing them, make sure you have a mobile phone, number of the person whom you want to send a message, go to the mobile menu, open the message field, write your information in short and clear sentences. Then insert the number you want to send to, and then send.

Telephone messages

Leaving a Written Note Message

Written messages are especially important in organizations or working places like offices, schools and hotels. These messages are equally. Important at homes. Most often we leave messages or notes to let people know about our whereabouts when we happen to be absent.

Short messages are written to quickly pass information notify somebody of something or to make arrangement for something. You can put at an open space, on the table on the door or anywhere you think your addressee can easily see and read it.

Note Message


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