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Wednesday, June 13, 2018




Here the student should be able to give specific information, reproduce in writing what is heard. To give general opinion about a text he/she has read and give a general theme/idea /meaning of a text heard. The student should do that by reading the text based on a variety of issues including challenges facing the youth in relation to HIV/AIDS, form of child labour and effect of drug abuse in society Affect reading the text, the student should be able to respond to different questions about the text he/she has read. And also she/he should know vocabularies used in the text such as symptoms, virus, infection, transmit, prolong, ill-treat, HIV etc

Vocabularies in HIV/AIDS TEXT

HIV - Human Immune Deficiency Virus

AIDS - Acquired Immune Deficiency Virus

Stigma - segregating HIV Victims

Syringes - A plastic or glass tube with a long hollow needle that is used for putting drugs into a person’s body

Virus - A living thing, too small to be seen without a microscope that causes infections disease in people

Lazar blades - A thin shape piece of metal that is used in a razor symptoms

Responding Appropriately to Given Instructions

When you are listening to texts read by a teacher or someone else you must do the following:

1. Figure out the purpose for listening. Activate background knowledge of the topic in order to predict or anticipate content and identify appropriate listening strategies.

2. Attend to the parts of the listening input that are relevant to the identified purpose and ignore the rest. This selectivity enables you as students to focus on specific items in the input and reduces the amount of information in short-term memory in order to recognise it.

3. Listening for the main idea.

4. Predict.

5. Listen for specific details.

6. Recognising word-order patterns.

7. Check comprehension while listening and when the listening task is over.

8. Draw a conclusion.

9. Summarise to get specific information
Activity 1 
Have your friend read for you so that you can write down what he/she is reading.

Listening for General Information

When you are listening to get the general idea the following must be done:

1. Note the use of new words.

2. Listen to the text read by another person

3. Try to use the new vocabulary in everyday life, including during games.

4. Check the meaning of words in the dictionary or ask a teacher.

5. Summarise the general idea behind the text you have heard.

Activity 2   
Give a general summary theme/idea/meaning of a text heard.