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Thursday, August 2, 2018


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NECTA 2004 
Study carefully the photograph provided carefully, then answer the questions that follow:

a) Name the of photograph  
    Ground or Horizontal Photograph because of the following reasons:  
    - It shows only the side view of the objects   
    - The foreground look larger than the middle and background 
    - The horizon is easily seen at the backward of the photographic area 
b) Describe the possible climate of the area    
    Semi - Arid Climate due to the following reasons:     
    - The baobab trees are commonly found in semi    
    - arid region since they are very resistance to drought condition   
    - The presence of bush land and thicket vegetation support the climate  

c) Suggest the economic activities that might be taking place in the area 
    - Tourism due to the presence of animals like elephants and different kinds vegetation 
    - Trade due the  presence of baobab trees which produce fruits for trading activities
    - Pastoralism, due to the presence of grasses at the foreground and background of the image  
    - Hunting due to the presence of animals like elephants in the photographic area
d)    From which part of Tanzania was this photograph taken?       
     Dodoma, Singida and Arusha