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Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Mock Exams with Answers - FORM FOUR - Download | All Regions | All Subjects - (Solved Exams)

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Benefits of Studying the Past Papers

Neither all can score high marks in the final exams nor anyone wants to score low marks in the exams. Thankfully previous year question papers can help the students to score well in the exams. Solving previous year question papers is important for students who will be appearing for Form 4 and Form 6 National exams. Suppose a Form 4 student is facing an issue with a particular subject such as Maths, then he can solve the previous year question papers. It would let him get enough practice and be the master of the subject.


Strong motivation if you do well in them

Yes, sample papers are a double-edged sword. You do badly, you get really deflated. However, you do well. and that success, however insignificant you may deem it to be, will propel your hunger to succeed to entirely new levels. At the end of the day, between students of similar mental caliber, hunger is what makes the ultimate difference!


You’ll know your weaknesses and strengths, maybe after the first test paper itself:

Every topic appears almost equally easy when you solve it from a book. However, you’ll realize whether you actually know the topic only after facing it in the sample papers. A thorough knowledge of strengths and weaknesses is absolutely essential to deciding your strategy to attempt the paper (will be elaborated later on).


Plan your studies accordingly

The foremost step after analysing their strengths and weaknesses should be to start working to improve them. This would also prepare them for the expected difficulty level of the exam papers.


The best source of new questions

Impossible though it may seem, it takes a lot more effort to CREATE questions rather than solve them. And thus, you are not going to get questions based on new concepts every other book or study material you open. All the renowned professors and paper-setters will reserve their new questions for mock tests. This is where the true test of your mettle comes in. Because solving new questions in a book is very different to solving those same questions in a paper, where any calculation error or reading mistake may result in unnecessary loss of marks.