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Friday, November 19, 2021

Mock Exams for Form Four - All Regions

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Benefits or Advantages of Mock Exams

In a study on mock exams, researchers found that students who did a practice test after a period of revision did better on their final exam over those who just revised.

Following are the few benefits of mock tests:


- Reduce pre-exam nervousness: In fact, Mock Test helps in reducing pre-exam nervousness, as the candidate has already appeared for a version of the exam before, on the final day he will be more relaxed.

- Gives good practice: Practice tests offer a good amount of practice to students, which helps them during the exam. Practicing mock tests increases the speed of problem-solving and helps the students know in which subject he or she is weak.

- Proper time management: Mock test papers help students calculate how much time each subject will take in the exam. Accordingly, students can have an idea about the time he or she should allow for numerical as well as theory questions.

- Clear doubts: While solving the mock tests, students can mark questions in which they have doubts and get them cleared from teachers. This ensures by the time students appear for the main exam, he or she does not have any doubt.

- Gives a feeling of actual exam: With mock tests, students get familiarized with the actual exam scenario. These practice tests are conducted under-stimulated conditions with an aim to evaluate the knowledge of students. Therefore, students should take this test seriously.