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Sunday, July 7, 2024

Additional Mathematics for Ordinary Level - Full Notes

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1. Gain Mastery Over the Main Components

Students who take Additional Mathematics in their Ordinary Levels will gain mastery over three important concepts: algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. By mastering these three concepts, students will be better prepared to tackle the challenges of university-level mathematics. In addition, they will be better equipped to pursue careers in fields such as engineering, physics, and mathematics.


2. Develop Application Methods and Examination Taking Skills

Knowledge is insignificant without applications therefore, secondary school Additional Mathematics students need to carefully understand their concepts as well as their correct applications in Mathematical problems. They need to evaluate a given question, highlight its requirements, and apply the correct Mathematical concept in order to acquire an accurate answer.


3. Preparation for Higher Education

Additional Mathematics is considered a prerequisite for many sciences, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) courses in Singaporean universities. Students who study Additional Mathematics gain a solid foundation in advanced mathematical concepts, which prepares them for higher-level studies in disciplines such as engineering, computer science, economics, and physics.