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Tuesday, January 3, 2023

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How is Important to Solve Previous Years Papers

The exam season is going on across the country. After months of rigorous studies, students' knowledge is set to be tested. Indeed, students are expected to be thoroughly prepared with important concepts and applications. With so many paper patterns and question formats, students might grapple during the final few days before exams.

While there may be a time crunch to cover the syllabus, there are effective ways to prepare for exams. Mock tests and previous years' question papers serve as efficient preparatory tools for exams.


Check the most effective ways to score high marks in your exams.


1. Effective time management


Previous years’ papers help you enhance your academic knowledge. But the benefits of going through them don’t stop there.

Competitive exams are time-bound. They don’t just test your competency but also your time management skills. You can develop these skills by timing yourself when attempting sample or previous years’ papers.

Moreover, previous year question papers also help you develop a better understanding of which questions to answer first, and which ones to keep for later. 

Ultimately it depends upon your skill and orientation to understand which strategy suits you best. But practicing papers will help you recognize it!

2. Identify Roadblocks

Attempting mock tests and papers helps understand which part of the syllabus needs more attention. Every student has their own strengths and weaknesses. Solving such test papers helps assess the level of preparation and work upon the weaknesses. This thereby helps maneuver preparation time effectively.


3. Effective strategy planning

While you use previous year question papers to enhance your time management skills, self-confidence, and familiarity with the exam pattern, you also need to develop a study plan. This plan should help you cover any knowledge or competency gaps you notice during your preparation.

To do this, dig out the question types that you were not able to solve in the sample tests, and focus more on them. This way, you can use previous years’ papers to develop effective strategies for preparation and further study.

4. Criterion for self-assessment


Previous year question papers serve as a valuable self-assessment tool to measure the progress of your exam preparation. You can solve these papers and measure your current performance against your previous attempts and understand the areas you excel and lack in.

The best way to measure your progress for any competitive examination is to maintain a diary of your progress. This diary can contain the marks you have scored for each previous year question paper you have attempted. The idea is to revisit this diary once every week to track your progress and increase the number of hours of study in the areas where you need improvement.

In this way, you can easily use such past year papers as a criterion of self-assessment to further enhance your exam preparation.


5. Increased confidence


Practicing previous year question papers can also increase your confidence in attempting competitive exams. Since most competitive exams have a somewhat fixed question pattern, becoming familiar with it can actually help boost your confidence and prepare you for the real examination. For example, attempting the Quantitative Reasoning questions in the exam requires significant practice. Many of these questions can be quite perplexing to candidates if they have not attempted similar questions before. For example, if you sit for the final exam with only theoretical knowledge and no idea about the question pattern, you might find yourself in a difficult situation.

However, by solving past year’s papers, you will have sufficient knowledge about the question pattern, which will make you all the more confident about appearing for the actual exam.