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Friday, December 16, 2022

English (1 & 2) - Solved Exams | Mock Mtwara | Form Six 2022

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English (1 & 2) Mock Exams with Answers (Marking Schemes)

Mtwara and Lindi - Form Six 2022

February 2022 

The Exams including: 
- English 1 
- English 2 


Click the links below to view the Exams with Answers:


Click the links below to view the Exams with Answers:


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Stay Connected with Your Friends

Friends are a great support system. Did you know that laughter can actually reduce stress? It’s tempting to just stay in the library alone, but try studying together or grabbing a quick lunch with a friend. Talk to them about how you’re feeling; you may find they are having a similar experience and have their own tips to share.


Get Enough Sleep

It may feel like you don’t have any time to sleep, but getting enough sleep is a critical part of being productive and staying healthy. Sleep deprivation worsens stress and triggers symptoms of mental health conditions.

Sleep helps memories form, so you’ll need it to remember all of the information you’re studying and to have the energy to keep working.