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Monday, April 29, 2024

Bible Knowledge for Ordinary Level - Full Notes


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1. Study the Bible to understand your salvation.

Romans 10:17 (CEV) says, “No one can have faith without hearing the message about Christ.” That is powerful stuff, people! How can you understand how great of a gift your salvation is without studying the Bible?

You need to read what Christ did for us for yourself. If you need a fresh place to start, check out John. It’s a great book for new Christians!

Let the wonderful kindness and the understanding that come from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ help you to keep on growing. Praise Jesus now and forever! Amen. – 2 Peter 3:18 (CEV)


2. It is through the Word of God that we get faith.

I once heard one of the mightiest men of God I ever knew say that he used to pray and pray for faith, but one day he read this text: “Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God” (Rom. 10:17), and from that day he began to read the Bible, fulfilling its conditions and claiming its promises, and his faith grew wonderfully. Although uneducated in the schools, he became full of the wisdom of God, and won many thousands of souls to Jesus, raised up hundreds of workers, inspired thousands more, and had millions of dollars given to him for the work of God.


3. It Guards You Against False Teachings

As it has been prefaced, false teaching is very dangerous, and it should never be underestimated. We should look at false teaching as a disease; it is a deadly virus that seeks to infect and contaminate individuals and even entire congregations. Likewise, we should see the truth that is God’s Word as the vaccination or cure that will stop its spread and eradicate the damage it causes spiritually to your life. This is because God’s truth is the only power that can effectively offset and destroy doctrines of demons. And while all false doctrine may not be classified as doctrines of devils, all false doctrine has in fact, “erred from the truth.” 

4. It directs us in wisdom

The Bible is a roadmap for life! It contains ‘everything we need for life and godliness’ (2 Peter 1:3). Yet just as sometimes we need someone to help us read a map, we benefit from others’ experience of digging deep in God’s Word. They will have found gems of wisdom that we have not yet discovered. We can offer insights that they have not yet learned. This is the beauty of journeying through the Bible together.